Is it worth becoming a web designer?

Yes, web design is a good profession. Not only are web designers in high demand from employers, but the field is expected to grow 27 percent by 2024. That demand will ensure that salaries remain high for web designers in the future. Web designers make a lot of money. Since both are lucrative options, it's better to choose what will make you happier than what you think will pay the most.

However, being a web developer isn't without its challenges, as the field involves continuous learning, problem solving, and critical thinking. Technology changes rapidly, which means developers need to be aware of new languages, tools and trends. There are several valid reasons why people seriously doubt the viability of a web design career. Becoming a happy and accomplished web designer means being able to find your purpose.

You can do this by using your talent to solve a need or problem that matters to you. You don't have to be a genius to do this, you just need to be resilient and consistent. And this task is made easier if you have the support of a community. Many designers avoid saying “no” because they could annoy the customer; but, as mentioned before, they are not hired to make the customer like it, but to prove their worth and skills by developing a solution with which the customer is satisfied in the medium and long term.

Juan Panzarella
Juan Panzarella

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